What is SEO/Search Engine Optimization ?

SEO/Search Engine Optimization

1.What’s SEO?

Search engine optimization or program optimization is that the process of improving the visibility of an internet site within the organic results of various search engines. It’s also common to call him by his English title, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

From where the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) come from, is really good to know:

The first search engines emerged within the early 1990s. Pending Google seemed in 1996, many were shaped, counting Yahoo. The boom of the online began. People realized that you simply could really make money with them. Thus they concluded that they needed to draw in traffic. What was the simplest method of attracting traffic? Search engines At that point the owners of the websites began to think how they might reach the highest positions … SEO was born!

TOP 5 SEO tools

1 – Woorank

For me it’s a really complete SEO analysis tool which, without a doubt, helps us tons to possess a primary picture of how a project is in reference to web positioning.

SEO/Search Engine Optimization


You can try the appliance for free of charge for 14 days, so I counsel you to urge the foremost out of it and follow all the recommendations it gives you.

Perform a really complete audit both SEO and Social Media.

2 – QuickSprout

This SEO analysis tool, despite being less known, has many things to contribute as:

SEO/Search Engine Optimization

SEO and Social Analysis of our website or Blog.

Recommendations to enhance our web positioning.

Page speed analysis and web traffic estimation.

Comparison of your website thereupon of other 3 competitors, I personally like this functionality tons because term allows us to ascertain during which aspects other competitors have a plus over your web project.

20 SEO tools to enhance you’re positioning

And all this with a 100% free tool, which I’m convinced will pleasantly surprise you.

3 – Screaming Frog

It is the foremost complete tool to try to to an SEO audit of any website and therefore the start line of any online project.

SEO/Search Engine Optimization

If you would like to enhance your SEO positioning you’ve got to correct and optimize all aspects that the appliance indicates.


Complete free SEO audit of up to 500 pages.

Broken links

5XX server errors.

Redirects 301 and 302.

Duplicate content in Titles and descriptions.

And much more…

The good thing about Screaming Frog is that we will use the tool to research our project for free of charge and up to 500 sites.

4 – Site Analyzer

With this tool you’ll make an entire SEO analysis and therefore the tool itself will indicate the successes and positioning errors.

SEO/Search Engine Optimization

It offers us the segmented end in 5 categories; SEO, Content, Design, Performance and Accessibility.


Full analysis of the web site.

We can perform a free analysis per month, but if we register we will perform 20 / month.

The tool will indicate so as of priority which are the recommendations that we’ve to hold bent improve our program positioning.

20 SEO tools to enhance you’re positioning

5 – SEO Site Checkup

Unlike other SEO analysis tools, this application allows us to settle on the precise aspect that we would like to optimize, although by default it’ll analyze all the factors.

SEO/Search Engine Optimization


Complete analysis where you’ll analyze factors such as; SEO basics, page speed, server and security, mobile optimization and advanced SEO aspects.

We can export the obtained report back to pdf.

The only thing I miss during this application is that it doesn’t offer us an inventory of recommendations to enhance.

SEO is one among the “disciplines” that has changed the foremost in recent years. We just need to check out the massive number of updates that are Penguin and Panda, and the way they need taken a 180 degree address what was understood by SEO until recently. Now with SEO, what Matt Cutts himself calls “Search Experience Optimization” or what’s an equivalent, “everything for the user” is pursued.

Although there are thousands of things on which an enquiry engine relies to position one page or another one could say that there are two basic factors: authority and relevance

The authority is essentially the recognition of an internet site.

The more popular the more valuable the knowledge it contains. This factor is what an enquiry engine has more in mind since it’s supported the user’s own experience. The additional a gratified is communal, the additional users have originate it useful.

Relevance is that the relationship a page has got to a given search. This is often not simply that a page contains tons of times the search term (in the start it had been like that) but an enquiry engine relies on many on-site factors to work out this.

SEO are often divided into two large groups:

On-site: On-site SEO worries about relevance. It ensures that the online is optimized in order that the program understands the most thing, which is that the content of it. Within the On-site SEO we might include keyword optimization, loading time, user experience, code optimization and URL formatting.

Off-site: Off-site SEO is that the part of SEO work that focuses on factors external to the web site we work on. the leading significant issues in off-site SEO are the quantity and quality of links, presence in social networks, mentions in local media, brand authority and performance in search results, that is, the CTR that our leads to an enquiry engine.

Surely you’re thinking that each one this is often excellent which it’s very interesting but that you simply are here to understand why you would like SEO on your website and what benefits you’ll get if you integrate it into your online strategy.

Once we all know what SEO is, we must differentiate whether or not we follow the “recommendations” of the program. Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO: Black hat is that the plan to improve program positioning of an internet page through unethical techniques or that contradict the program guidelines. Some samples of Black Hat SEO are Cloaking, Spinning, SPAM in forums and blog comments, or Keyword Stuffing.

The black hat can provide benefits within the short term, but it’s generally a risky strategy, without continuity within the future which doesn’t add value.

SEO/Search Engine Optimization

White Hat SEO:

It consists of all those ethically correct actions that meet the rules of the search engines to position an internet page and therefore the search results. As long as search engines give greater importance to the pages that best answer a user search, White Hat understands the techniques that seek to form an enquiry engine page increase pertinent finished providing worth for its users.

2. Why is SEO important?

The most important reason why SEO is important is because it makes your website more useful for both users and search engines. Although they still cannot see an internet page as a person’s does. SEO is important to assist search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it’s useful for users.

SEO/Search Engine Optimization

Now let’s give an example to ascertain the clearest things:

We have an electric trade devoted to the sale of children’s books. Fine, for the term “complexion movies” there are around 673,000 once-a-month searches. Presumptuous that the primary result that appears after doing an investigation on Google gets 22% of clicks (CTR = 22%), we might get around 148,000 visits per month.

Now what proportion are those 148,000 visits worth? Well, if for that term the typical cost per click is € 0.20 we are talking about quite € 29,000 / month. This only in Spain.

If we’ve a business oriented to many countries, 1.4 billion searches are conducted every hour within the world. Of these searches, 70% of clicks are on organic results and 75% of users don’t reach the second page. If we consider all this, we see that there are many clicks per month for the primary result.

SEO is that the best way for your users to seek out you thru searches during which your website has relevancy. These users search for what you offer them. The simplest thanks to reach them is thru an enquiry engine.

3. How do search engines work?

The operation of an enquiry engine are often summarized in two steps: tracking and indexing.


A search engine travels the online crawling

With what are called bots. These undergo all the pages through the links. Hence the importance of an honest link structure. Even as any user would do when browsing the content of the online, they move from one link to a different and collect data on those sites that they supply to their servers.

The tracking process begins with an inventory of web addresses from previous crawls and sitemaps provided by other sites. Once they access these websites, the bots search for links to other pages to go to them. Bots are especially interested in new sites and changes to existing websites.

It is the bots themselves who decide which pages to go to, how often and the way long they’re going to track that website, so it’s important to possess an optimal loading time and updated content.

It is quite common that an internet page must restrict the crawling of some pages or certain content to stop them from appearing within the search results. For this, program bots are often told to not crawl certain pages through the “robots.txt” file.


Once a bot has crawled an internet site and picked up the required information, these pages are included in an index. There they’re sorted consistent with their content, their authority and their relevance. During this way, once we make a question to the program it’ll be much easier to point out us the results that are more associated with our query.

At first the search engines were supported the quantity of times a word was repeated. When doing a search, they tracked down those terms in their index to hunt out out which pages that that they had in their texts, better positioning the one that had it repeated more times. Currently, they’re more sophisticated and base their indexes on many various aspects.

Once the pages are crawled and indexed, the time comes when the algorithm acts: algorithms are the pc processes that decide which pages appear before or after within the search results. Performed the search, the algorithms check in the indexes. This way they go to understand which the foremost relevant pages are taking into account the various positioning factors. And each one this happens during a matter of milliseconds.

SEO services

Why they are important?

Every time someone wants to travel around their business or a private undertakes a replacement business activity, they typically recommend hiring SEO services to urge an honest support. It’s about being competitive digitally speaking and having the power to affect you to competing companies, but can we all know what it implies? What benefits does working with organic positioning bring?

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SEO rates.

the thanks to choose and acquire the prices right? TOP 2 for its main keyword “SEO rates”, could also be a post during which we explain the prices of positioning services intimately. If you plan to rent any SEO service it is vital to read it before. Surely it’ll clarify many concepts.

Hire SEO.

7 tips to make the only TOP 3 decision for “hiring SEO”, could also be a post with the ideas that we consider key to hiring SEO services.

What no agency wants to rent so as that you simply actually choose the only one and you will sleep peacefully and without throwing money within the trash. Because we all know that you simply simply don’t play with business, we got it ALL.

And now, let’s get to the aim. We hope you’re keen on our post!

What is SEO and therefore the way does it work?

The program Optimization, better known by the acronym SEO, includes the techniques that are administered so as that a specific website appears within the highest positions within the search engines standing out above the others.

The web positioning achieved through these techniques is free, that is, it isn’t paid to be included within the search results list.

SEO services are geared towards achieving these relevant positions through different techniques that seek to optimize the web structure and its content. For this, it differentiates between two kinds of SEO service:

➨ SEO on Page:

refers to different aspects within the online site itself. They’re SEO techniques that optimize internal factors that have much to say within the online positioning of the online site.

The tasks that are required are quite technical, so it doesn’t hurt to consult knowledgeable SEO agency to avoid causing damage or falling into penalties which can be very difficult to travel away.

You need to review issues just like the definition of the varied keywords or the proper structure that the online site possesses to take care of so as that Google can easily realize it . During this text you’ll delve into this aspect.

➨ SEO off Page:

once all the components of the page that influence the web positioning are controlled, you’ve to believe the external ones. The SEO off Page services aim to be linked by other pages so as that Google interprets that we are a relevant page.

This is often often told in broad strokes, behind there is a very diligence to work out the proper SEO strategy to understand the required positioning on the online.

SEO agencies or professionals within the world got to skills to combine these two aspects within the SEO strategy they perform.

They’re completely complementary, neither of them are often neglected if you’d wish to be at the same level as other competing companies.

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